RootNetwork is creating the largest global decentralized network for online privacy, utilizing an extensive array of relays worldwide. These relays earn RootNetwork's native token for offering their bandwidth, computational resources, and services. The RootNetwork token powers a high-speed, decentralized routing network that includes a comprehensive suite of dedicated services.

The RootNetwork Ecosystem: This is a decentralized, onion-routing privacy network, free from centralized control. It's open to all non-malicious developers, relays, and users, offering unhindered access. The network will enable mainstream web services to operate anonymously, ranging from storage solutions to private directory services.

The RootNetwork Protocol: Central to the ecosystem, this protocol rewards all participating relays with the RootNetwork token for their bandwidth contribution. Combined with educational resources, specialized hardware, and a robust economic model, the protocol drives RootNetwork's growth as a global privacy network. The token distribution layer will form the foundation of a marketplace for services integrated within the network.

RootNetwork Relay Hardware: Designed as a low-power device, this hardware facilitates participation in the RootNetwork by allowing individuals to contribute bandwidth and computing power, earning tokens passively. It also routes home internet traffic through the RootNetwork, providing end-to-end encrypted access to the web, akin to a decentralized VPN.

RootNetwork Services Interface: RootNetwork is tailored for services operating directly within the network, eliminating the need for exit nodes. Services hosted on the network's relays, like streaming, messaging, and marketplaces, will be easily accessible, distributable, and payable through the RootNetwork token protocol. The RootNetwork Router will enable seamless user interaction with these services, offering an advanced, anonymous internet experience.

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