The RootM is a low-energy, self-sufficient computing device designed to operate as a node within our privacy-focused network. It's tailored for easy integration with the RootNetwork, enabling users with minimal technical expertise to contribute to the network's privacy infrastructure and earn RootNetwork recognition tokens in return.

While many internet relay protocols can run on a standard personal computer, this can be inefficient and resource-intensive, especially if the computer is used for everyday tasks. The RootM , however, serves as a dedicated, energy-efficient relay device that requires minimal technical setup.

Routing Capabilities By 2024, the RootM will be enhanced with advanced routing capabilities, including the ability to generate a WiFi signal that directs all traffic through secure, private networks. This will transform the RootM into a comprehensive home networking device, facilitating easy access to anonymous services on all connected home devices. This development aims to lower the barriers to entry for participating in private networks, while also allowing users to earn passive rewards as a relay node.

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