Smartweave Utilization RootNetwork employs Smartweave for the gasless yet immutable distribution of tokens on Binance Smart Chain(BSC). Tokens at the 'distribution layer' remain allocated to each recipient's BSC address until they decide to claim and transfer them to BSC . The assignment of these distribution-layer RootNetwork tokens to BSC addresses occurs on a regular schedule, ensuring the process remains trustless, contingent on the initial consensus weight metrics being verified by all involved parties.

Oracle Mechanism The RootNetwork tokens designated for a specific time frame, such as a day, are divided based on the interval since the last metric publication. For instance, if 60 minutes have passed since the last reading, the forthcoming metrics will determine the RootNetwork token distribution for that period as a fraction of the total daily allocation. This is detailed in our tokenomics paper. A specialized 'RootNetwork' token is then issued on Smartweave, which our BSC distribution contract can lazily read, using a validator oracle. Future developments aim to enhance anonymity by allowing gas fees to be covered indirectly through the distribution-layer RootNetwork tokens on Smartweave.

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